Track saw on mobile rail TSA

Portable rail saw to cut small and large slabs

Track saw on mobile rail TSA

Portable track saw on mobile rails. With a small investment you can cut large slabs by placing the rails directly on the slab.

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Steel frame, sandblasted and painted with epoxy-powder finish (galvanized upon request).

Water connection

Water connection

Easy one-hand water disconnect included.

Head motion

Head motion

Head travel on 6 bearings 32mm in diameter and manual cutting depth adjustment by hand wheel.


Innovative portable track saw on mobile rail TSA:

  • Sturdy and compact frame easy to transport and assemble on site;
  • Allows to cut large slabs with a small investment;
  • Available with 3 different sets of rails: 3x1250mm, 1x2500mm o 1x4000mm.
Technical details
Rail length 1250 mm x 3pz. / 2500mm / 4000mm
Diamond blade diameter 300-350 mm
Blade bore size 25,4 mm
Max. cutting depth

40 mm

Main motor power 2.2kW = 3HP 1ph.
Main motor rotation speed

1400 o 2800 rpm 50Hz – 1700 o 3400 rpm 60Hz

Standard voltage/frequency





Available with 3 different set of rails easy to transport and assemble on site:

- 3 rails of 1200 mm = 3600 mm;

- 1 rail of 4000 mm;

- 1 rail of 2500 mm.

Available also with adjustable feet to cut perfectly even on irregular work surfaces.

Variable speed

Variable speed

Main motor 2.2kW (3HP) equipped with inverter to adjust the speed depending on the processed of the material.

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Product: Track saw on mobile rail TSA