Technical Support

Technical Support

Do you have a technical problem or in need of a part for your Achilli machine?

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The experience of our technicians is at your disposal for any requirements. They guide you through the first steps of choosing your machine, which can be customized according to your requirements, to all stages following your purchase. Achilli machines are characterized by the highest quality materials, simple user friendly and long-lasting; this is the reason why we can track down spare parts for machines still in use even after dozens of years from purchase.

The 100% made in Italy production allows us to have parts available in our warehouse or by our suppliers', so as to be able to ship all the components quickly, minimizing waits for the customer.
For all the machines, where installation and training are requested, our technicians take personally care of the set running as well as the teaching how to use our saws.

Our experienced technician team provides daily assistance to worldwide customers for any doubts or questions, seeking timely solutions to any technical problem so as to limit equipment downtime.

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*You can find the serial number on the metal identification plate.