Customer policy

Privacy Policy (in accordance with Article XIII of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196,

June 30, 2003, “Privacy Act”)


Dear Customer,

The undersigned “Achilli, S.R.L.,” as Data Controller, advises its customers that personal information acquired during sales transactions will be processed in accordance with the regulations cited above. Customer data, in accordance with the law mentioned above, will be processed with due care, transparency, and propriety in order to safeguard the privacy of your personal information. Furthermore, please note that any personnel processing your personal information will be charged with individual tasks, provided written instructions, and have access only to those items of information strictly necessary to complete their task.


Achilli, S.R.L. will gather, and properly process, the following types of data:

  • Identifying information (business or trade name, address, telephone, fax, email, tax i.d. number, etc.);
  • Financial and business information (orders, credit history, bank information, tax and accounting information, etc.);

Please note that the undersigned will handle your personal information for the following reasons:

  • To execute agreements once finalized, and to carry out any assignments related thereto;
  • To fulfill any legal duties arising out of those contracts;
  • To manage our rights under the contracts;
  • To analyze internal statistics;
  • To carry out marketing through direct mailings for related products and services;
  • To process credit history information.


Both the submission and the processing of these items of personal information are necessary to comply with legal and contractual requirements. Furthermore, data submission is imperative so that Achilli, S.R.L. can carry out all reasonable and necessary steps to fulfill its duties under the contract. Refusal to submit required personal information, for these stated purposes, will render it impossible for Achilli, S.R.L. to fulfill its contractual and legal duties. On the other hand, personal information submitted for direct marketing on related products and services, for use in analyzing internal statistics, and for determining credit-worthiness, is optional.

Personal information will be kept in print and electronic format, and will be placed into pertinent databases to which the following subjects have access:

  • Shareholders;
  • Administrative and Accounting Departments;
  • Human Resources Department;
  • Sales Office;
  • Information Technology personnel or contractors.


Data collected and processed by Achilli, S.R.L. to finalize contract orders and activities related thereto, for legal and regulatory compliance related to contract management, as well as to manage contract rights, may all be disclosed to the following entities, or categories of entities:

  • Transportation and courier companies, for shipping and customs purposes;
  • Bank institutions, for managing accounts receivable and payable;
  • Finance agencies, and other business or public entities, for issues of legal compliance;
  • Legal firms or business, for management of contract rights;
  • Independent contractors, for accounting services, to whom proper processing of personal data will be delegated.


To receive information related to solvency or credit-worthiness, the undersigned may share your data with credit-reporting agencies.

Your personal information will not be disseminated.


Please be advised that “Achilli S.R.L.,” as part of its business practices, may publish on its company website the name, and/or photos or videos related to projects (and/or images of work) carried out in your business as advertising for potential customers. You can opt out of this use of your personal data by sending an email to or a fax to +39.0541 – 389058.

The mailing and email addresses you have provided in previous transactions will be used to update you on our latest offers via direct marketing, and in compliance with Italy’s Privacy Act (Article CXXX, Section IV of the Privacy Act, Legislative Decree no. 196, 2003)


We remind you, you may object to these by notifying us in writing via email: or by fax +39-0541 – 389058.

The Data Controller is Achilli, S.R.L., Via Montescudo 148 – 47924 Rimini (Rn), Italy. The company’s legal counsel, who may be reached at the same address, is responsible for privacy compliance.

Please contact us at the address above to request further information on data submission, including how to request an updated list of those designated “compliance officers” for data processing.

For more information on our company’s privacy policies, please visit