Why choose an Achilli product?

1. Wide range of machinery:

Over the years, we have implemented a complete line of products to meet the needs of all stone professionals. Our machines cover various market sectors: from grinding to laying floors, from cutting tiles and building materials to numerically controlled technologies for furniture and kitchen worktops. This 360° experience in the sector helps us to find valid and effective solutions every day, to offer artisans the right product since the beginning of their business, standing by their side in every new challenge.


2. Customized solutions:

The professionals are not all the same, everyone has specific needs based on experience, on the traditions of the market in which he operates and, on the laboratory, where he works, which is why we focused in tailor-made design. The flexibility of the solutions allows not only to choose the model that best meets the customer's requests, but also to evaluate among a wide range of accessories those that best suit the production. Our advisors accompany the customer right from the choice of the machinery, which is sometimes redesigned together with our technicians to meet specific needs.


3. Know how

A continuous study and the cooperation with our customers allowed us to design and implement new creative and cutting-edge solutions, integrating the latest automation and industrial mechanics technologies. The technical knowledge developed over 70 years allows us to carefully select our suppliers, preferring components and materials that guarantee the creation of extremely robust and quality products that last over time. Our goal is always to limit extraordinary maintenance and spare parts.


4. Made in Achilli design and production

Each project is studied and designed by our technicians. Most of the production and assembly is executed in our premises, while the components that cannot be manufactured internally, are commissioned, according to our design, to local artisan companies in our area. This allows us to have control over the entire production cycle and to get to know each individual component thoroughly, so as to promptly correct any errors and critical issues. This system guarantees the customer complete assistance, and ensures that spare parts are available even many years after purchase.


5. Always by your side

Our technical and commercial staff assists the customer from the purchase, then supporting him in the after-sale for the entire life of the machinery. In addition to the internal technicians, we have a network of international dealers with specialized technical staff who guarantee on-site maintenance and assistance. Each machine is designed in a monobloc version and shipped fully assembled, most of the products are "plug and play" and only require an electrical connection and water to start working. For the more advanced models we provide installation and training on site with Achilli technicians.