Can I buy directly from you or should I contact a dealer?

Depending on the product you need and the destination of the goods, the purchase can be made directly from us in Italy or through one of our exclusive dealers in your area. Get in touch with us to receive the contact details of your closest partner.

Whom should I contact if I need service or spare parts?

Our technical office is always available to answer your requests, you can contact us directly or the dealer whom you purchased the machine from.

What information is needed to prepare a quote?

To issue an offer please provide your company name and address, the country of destination, the product you are interested in and as much information as possible regarding the work you want to do, the material and the dimensions of the worked pieces.

Do the machines need installation by an Achilli technician?

All our models are monoblock and are delivered already assembled. We recommend installation and training by our technicians for only CNC numerically controlled machines and manual working centers.

Are the machines shipped already assembled and ready to work?

All the models are already assembled. For the bench saws, it is only necessary to position the legs before starting the adjustments: after removing the packaging, all the models must be positioned and placed on a flat surface. To start working, it is necessary to connect the electricity and, for some models also the compressed air. Finally, water must be provided by direct connection or filling the water tank.

Where are the machines manufactured?

All Achilli machines are designed, produced and assembled in Italy, in our factory in Rimini or by our local suppliers’ factory.

Are optional accessories essential for working? Can they also be purchased later?

Optional accessories are not indispensable for working; however, they can be useful to facilitate processing. Some must be chosen at the time of purchase of the machine because they can require modification to the main structure, others can also be purchased at a later time.

Is it possible to have machines with different voltages?

Usually yes, we can adapt the voltage according to the country of destination.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, the machines can be shipped all over the world.

How are shipments made?

Shipments are made by courier based on size. We can provide a quotation for the freight or the customer can use their trusted shipping company. Usually, for larger machines shipments these are either made via cargo- through containers or groupage service, or via road using a truck. Notedly, for the smallest models, are also possible to be expressed shipped by air, upon request.