TOP manual working center

Multipurpose machine for countertops

TOP is a manual multi-purpose stone station, it is ideal for the processing of countertops, shower trays as well as stairs.
Using this machine, you can:
- sink cut-out using a cutting rim (with or without template);
- drilling slabs by hand crank or with the optional motorized system;
- chamfering;
- shaping and polishing internal and external contours;
- processing sunken recess drainboards;
- slot on the edges
- cutting and mitering using a 200mm blade along X and Y axes.

Our machine can do exactly what an expensive CNC working center does, but all the operation is manual, following a template. The result is indeed the same: good looking and accurate as if it was processed on sophisticated machinery. The good thing is that this solution is tailor-made for small fabricators who produce a few kitchens per month, that sometimes need to rectify the surface and want to profile and polish the edges.
This model is considered as an “all in one” machine, the only limit is the operator’s creativity.

The machine can be supplied with different working dimensions, the most requested model has a X travel of 3200mm and a Y travel of 1600mm.
Contact us to know which are the other models available or explain us your requirements so as to manufacture the right model for your needs.
Standard model is equipped with a single-phase motor 4.5HP with a rotation speed from 1500 to 10000rpm.

The frame is fabricated in strong galvanized steel with stainless steel guides.
The Work table is made of 5mm thick steel and features special drilled holes to allow securing the workpieces by means of clamps or special (optional) piece-holders that are adjustable in height.
The powerful and reliable electro-spindle is pressurized so as to eliminate condensation inside and ensure a long life; it is equipped with an automatic external lubrication.
The head travel is manual and the cutting depth is adjustable by hand wheel.
Upon request the machine can be equipped with head rotation in 4 positions 0-90-180-270 degrees.
The main advantage of this option is the possibility to mount a blade with a maximum diameter of 200mm which allows to cut at 90 ° and 45 °
In addition, the possibility of tilting the head at 90 ° allows the assembly of pads for a perfect polishing of the straight edges

The TOP is mainly operated by following a metal or even a wooden template, which is placed on top of the workpiece. Tool is mounted on a special toolholder with a suitable probe to follow the shape perfectly.

We invite you to watch the videos where the assembly and use of the various tools is explained: you will understand how simple and fast is the use of the machine and the creation of works that have nothing to envy to those made with sophisticated and expensive machines.

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New Partnership in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg!
New Partnership in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg!

We are pleased to introduce our new official retailer in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, PROJECTBURO BV.

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