2 heads floor grinder MAX BT

Three phase floor grinder with two heads, ideal for large surfaces

2 heads floor grinder MAX BT

Floor grinding and polishing machine, three phase with 2 heads, ideal for large surfaces. Sturdy and compact structure suitable for marble, terrazzo, concrete and similar floors.

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Abrasive holding plate

Abrasive holding plate

Available with Prismatic, Frankfurt or Comma type abrasive holding plate at customer's choice.




Sturdy and compact structure. Aluminium tank with epoxy powder finish. 


MAX BT is designed to speed up and optimize the grinding of large surfaces:

  • 2 heads to improve machine output.
  • Machine level adjustment by handwheel.
  • Machine lift by manual hydraulic pump.
Technical details
Power 5.5 kW – 7.5 HP
Voltage 400 V (230 V trifase su richiesta)
Motor rpm 960 rpm
Ø Abrasive holding plate 2 x 300 mm
Plate rpm and peripheral speed 515 rpm – 485 m/min
Water tank capacity 48 l
Size 615x1085x1200
Net weight 192 kg
Gross weight 234 kg


Accessories provided:

Accessories provided:

Abrasive holding plates Ø300 mm, shock-absorbing springs, plastic splash guard rings, squeegee, set of servicing wrenches and set of transportation handle.

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Product: 2 heads floor grinder MAX BT