45 Degree Cutting: When it is Useful and what Machinery


When dealing with the cutting of marble or stone slabs, there exists a process as important as it is intricate and delicate: the 45-degree cut.


The 45-degree cut, is a specific technique for materials that allows the edges of slabs or tiles to be cut at a 45° angle, as opposed to the common vertical cut. This process is anything but trivial; rather, it is complex and demanding, particularly on specific materials. But why is it so crucial?

The 45-degree cut or Jolly cut, holds significant importance because, by obliquely cutting two ceramic or stone slabs, their ends can be joined to form a perfect 90° angle. This process is fundamental for various applications such as stairs, coverings, and kitchen tops, as it offers the possibility to create flawless corners and edges in stone or ceramic without compromising the integration with other materials.


While a metal profile can be used to join the two ends of sheets and create an external corner for the mentioned creations, the 45-degree cut stands out as a solution that yields extremely precise results, enhancing the final product compared to the alternative of a metal profile.

This complexity is why the 45-degree cut, despite its intricacy, is such a pivotal process. Especially for high-quality and valuable products, the 45-degree cut becomes an indispensable procedure to maintain the value of a solution by avoiding coarse details.


However, as mentioned earlier, the 45-degree cut is a delicate and demanding process for marble or stone, further exacerbated when working with large slabs.

Hence, managing a 45-degree cut without a professional machine, specifically designed for this type of cut, is practically impossible. Therefore, understanding which machinery to use and how to choose them becomes crucial.


45 Degree Cutting Machinery: Which Ones to Choose


When selecting the appropriate machinery, it is essential to ensure that the chosen machine is capable of handling the 45-degree cut.

Almost the entire Achilli machinery range allows for cutting at 45 degrees on various materials such as marble, stone, ceramic, and stoneware. However, there are distinctions between different types of machinery that are important to be aware of.


Portable Cutters for Construction Sites and Building Materials

Achilli portable construction cutters and building material cutters are designed to handle 45-degree cutting. This machinery allows you to tilt the bridge at 45 degrees to perform inclined cuts on different types of slabs such as tiles, bricks, and more.


Professional Fixed Bridge Saws

Another type of Achilli machinery capable of managing 45-degree cutting is the professional fixed bridge saw. Ideal for making inclined cuts on stone, ceramic, and porcelain stoneware slabs through the 45-degree inclination of the bridge, these saws offer the flexibility of adjusting cutting depth via button or crank. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with very thick materials like granite.


Notably, Achilli fixed bridge saws distinguish themselves by tilting the entire vertical axis of the machine, allowing for precise step cuts, a capability not found in models where only the motor is tilted.


Bridge Saws with Numerical Control

Achilli's bridge saws managed by numerical control ensure excellent results for 45-degree cuts. These saws allow you to manually or software-controlled tilt the head by 45 degrees in all directions, providing cutting versatility. Similar to fixed bridge saws, this model allows for passes on thick materials by interpolating two axes.


The Best Solution for 45 Degree Cutting: MSA Achilli Saw

Within our range of machinery, the MSA Achilli saw stands out as the most precise and accurate solution for professional 45-degree cutting. Designed to handle a variety of materials such as stone, ceramic slabs, sintered materials, and porcelain stoneware, the MSA saw offers a crucial advantage: the ability to make 45-degree cuts even on non-calibrated slabs. This is achieved by positioning the plate with the polish side downwards, ensuring extremely accurate results.


Equipped with pneumatic pistons to secure and process even the smallest pieces, and featuring a sliding head on linear guides with recirculating ball shoes, the MSA saw guarantees maximum cutting precision. 

If you are seeking the right solution for work involving a 45-degree cut, visit our website to explore the full range of Achilli machinery or contact us!

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