Cnc stone machinery, floor grinders and construction saw


Our bench saws for tiles, bricks and construction materials were born from a specific need of the building sites, i.e. to combine saw accuracy and performance with contained weight, allowing easy transportation. The goal of our designers was to create bench saws for building sites so very light as robust, and this led to the creation of our full range.
All our portable saws feature folding legs for easy transportation, bridge or head tilting to cut from 90 to 45 degrees and manual "plunge-cut" depth adjustment.
Our portable bench saws are suitable for all building materials and for many uses, such as cutting of tiles, bricks and cement blocks (Poroton). They guarantee an excellent cutting precision, sturdiness and long life, all features recognized by our customers for several decades. Our experience applied to the portable bench saws allows us to offer a product that is reliable and up to date.
In general our bench saws for construction sites are suitable for all the major building materials and their best quality is their sturdiness and versatility. In fact they can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled in a few minutes and loaded and unloaded in a practical way. Welcome to the world of our construction saws, 100% made in Italy.


Our floor grinders are at the beginning of our history, in fact they were the first products we have believed and invested in, with the aim of producing and offering extremely effective, functional and long-lasting floor grinding machines.
Our wide range of machines for floor layers is designed to best meet customers' requirements. From single-phase floor grinders with fixed or variable speed, to floor grinders specific for marble, terrazzo, concrete and similar materials, but also granite, ceramic tiles and hard stone. We can offer three-phase double-head floor grinders suitable for large surfaces or also our single-phase step grinder designed and built to work and polish steps and small flat surfaces.
Our marble and granite floor grinders permit to use diamond tools as well as the traditional abrasives. They rectify, grind and polish any floors, and are leaders in their class.
Some salient features of the various models of our floor polishing machines for marble and granite are: selection of 4 different speeds to optimize working of the floor surface, machine level adjustment by eccentric wheel axis, planetary head for granite processing, machines specially designed for the step processing and much more.
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The Achilli stone cutting machines are the result of 65 years of experience and research in cutting technology and stone processing. A mix of passion and innovation that led us to be a landmark in the stone cutting machinery, nowadays well-known all around the world for its features: high performance, long life and dependability.
Our full range of cutting machines for marble and granite covers:
- monoblock bridge saws with automatic CNC-controlled head rotation performing any types of cutting, shaping and surface profiling.
- Saws with fixed bridge for large and small-size fabricating shops, flexible and efficient, equipped with a special "active" beam tensioned, ground and chromed to guarantee utmost accuracy in any straight cutting.
- Miter saw for 45 degree cutting to perform a professional tilted cut by motorized head travel with variable speed on linear guides with recirculating ball slides.
- Portable track saws on mobile rails, with manual cutting depth adjustment and available with various sets of rails in different lengths. Our bridge saws are all featured with bridge or head tilt up to 45 degrees, and the optional device for parallel cuts, available on some models, facilitates cuts execution.
Why do customers choose Achilli stone cutting machines? Because when they buy an Achilli machine they focus on quality, get a reliable and durable product, extensively customized during the purchase, to meet the greatest variety of customers' needs.
By clicking on our machines you will discover all their technical features and uses, and see videos showing their operation. Welcome in the stone cutting innovation