Stone machinery

GOLD compact CNC bridge saw

New compact monoblock bridge saw, equipped with a special beam for the highest accuracy.

Bridge saw AW TS with 4 axes

Four axes bridge saw with automatic rotation of the head

Monoblock bridge saw GLD TS with 4 axes

Monoblock bridge saw with easy installation, not require foundation

Monoblock bridge saw GLD TSB with 4 axes

Monoblock bridge saw with cnc control

Monoblock bridge saw MBS

Monoblock bridge saw for orthogonal straight cuts, flexible and efficient

Cutting, edge profiling, polishing and chamfering machine MAS

The ideal solution to perform different processes with a reduced investment.

Saw with fixed bridge TFM

Monoblock saw with fixed bridge equipped with compressed, rectified, chromed “active beam”

Saw with fixed bridge TFR A

Saw with fixed bridge and oversized frame

Saw with fixed bridge AFR A

Compact, essential and sturdy saw with fixed bridge and motorized feed.

SMART multipurpose machine "all in one"

Cutting, profiling, grinding, polishing and drilling with no limits

TOP multipurpose machine for countertops

Shaping, polishing, drilling, cink cut outs and recess drains.

Miter saw MSA

Designed to work pieces with the polished side down, it allows 45 perfect degrees also on no calibrated slabs.

Saw with fixed bridge AFR C

Compact saw with fixed bridge manual feed

Saw with fixed bridge AFR M

Compact, essential and sturdy saw with fixed bridge.

Portable bench saw ANR

The ANR range moves into a heavier built category, with thicker gauge material used in all components. It has self circulating water tank and is widely used in the stone workshops.

Portable saw with fixed bridge BSA

Portable saw for tiles, marble and granite.

CMS sliding compound miter saw

Portable sliding compound miter saw for stones and building materials.

Circular cross-cut saw ARS

Revolving saw for angle cutting developed and designed to simplify cuts on small pieces.

Portable saw on mobile rail TSA

Track saw on mobile rail, useful to cut also large slabs.

Slab trolley SC 500 and SC 800

Indispensable for moving and carrying slabs from the storage, lifting and positioning them onto the machine table.

Slab lifter ABACO NG

Safe and resistant slab lifter.

Compact slab lifter ABACO Little Giant

The compact design will help solve problems where head room is an issue.